Intel AXXRPFKSNSH Rapid Recovery Snapshot Upgrade Key New Bulk Packaging

Intel AXXRPFKSNSH Rapid Recovery Snapshot Upgrade Key New Bulk Packaging

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    Condition: New Bulk Packaging

      • Product Code: AXXRPFKSNSH
      • Availability: 126

      Compatible With: Intel RAID Controller RS2 And RAID 6G ROC Products

      Intel RAID Premium Feature Key AXXRPFKSNSH enables Snapshot feature. This feature automatically creates snapshots for stored data regularly, locally on drives attached to the RAID controller. Lost data or corrupted data can be restored from a known good previous snapshot. Detail: The Snapshot feature offers a simplified way to recover data that was lost, changed, or corrupted; and provides automatic protection for the boot volume. You can use Snapshot to take a scheduled snapshot of a volume and to restore a volume or file. This is performed at a block level, but managed at the file level, and can be accessed from the BIOS Console utility or from the OS based RAID Web Console Utility. The allows a corrupted boot volume to be returned to a bootable state even though the system will not boot, by restoring a previous file or full snapshot from the Bios Console Utility. Snapshot functionality allows you to capture data changes to the volume and if data is deleted accidentally or maliciously, you can restore the data from view or roll back to a snapshot at a previous Point in Time (PiT). You can make up to 8 snapshots of Point in Times for each volume.


      Status Launched

      Expected Discontinuance Q4'12

      Description Upgrade Key to enable Rapid Recovery Snapshot for Intel RAID 6G ROC Products.

      Target Market Scalable Performance

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