Intel SE7520BD2V BBDVBB Dual S604 800FSB DDR ATI Rage XL SVGA Refurbished Board Only OEMXS # PAS31414

Intel SE7520BD2V BBDVBB Dual S604 800FSB DDR ATI Rage XL SVGA Refurbished Board Only OEMXS # PAS31414

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    Condition: Refurbished Board Only

      • Product Code: SE7520BD2V
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      Note: Server board with single channel U320 SCSI and dual SATA ports. Supports DDR2 Memory. Eight DIMM sockets,

      DDR2400, 240pin ECC Registered DIMMs Supported DIMM sizes: 256MB, 512 MB, 1 GB, 2 GB 16 GB Maximum Dual channel architecture, Memory Mirroring ,Memory Sparing


      Physical Specifications

      Form Factor SSI Entry EBay v3.5

      Dimensions: 12" X 13" (305mmx330mm)

      Processor Information

      CPU Socket: 604pin microPGA

      Supported CPUs: One or two 64bit Intel® Xeon®

      Thermal Solutions Supported: 2U+ Passive or Active Heatsink

      System Bus Speed: 800MHz

      OnBoard Devices

      Chipset: Intel® E7520 Chipset

      SATA: Yes

      Controller: Intel® ICH5R

      Number of Drives: 2

      Number of Ports: 2

      RAID Support: RAID 0 and 1

      SAS: Yes

      Controller: N/A

      Number of Drives: N/A

      Number of Ports: N/A

      RAID Support: N/A


      SCSI: Yes

      Controller: LSI Logic 53C1020A

      RAID Support: RAID 0 and 1 and support for modular ROMB (Intel® RAID Controller SRCZCRX)

      IDE: Yes

      Number of IDE Devices Supported: 2

      IDE Modes Supported: ATA 100

      Floppy Controller: 1.44 MB and 2.88 MB, 3-mode support

      Network Adaptor: Dual Gigabit Ethernet Controller

      Controller: One Intel® 82541PI Gigabit Ethernet Controller and One Marvell* Yukon* EC 88E8050 PCI Express* Gigabit Ethernet Controller

      Speeds: Supporting teaming and failover, 10BASET, 100BASETX, and 1000BASET, RJ45 output.

      Number of Ports: 2

      Graphics: ATI* RAGE* XL SVGA PCI video controller with 8 MB of video memory

      Super I/O: National Semiconductor PC87427

      Clock Generator: CK409

      LED Diagnostics: The standard system status LEDs for PWR/SLP

      HDD and other LEDs as specified in SSI EEB are supported on the front panel header

      Input / Output

      External USB Ports: 2

      Internal USB Connections: 2

      USB Standards Supported: USB 2.0

      VGA: 1 X VGA port

      Keyboard / Mouse

      Two PS/2 ports: 8240-A-compatible

      Serial Ports: One external DB9 serial port; one internal serial port (which can become Emergency Management Port if systemmanagement card supports EMP)

      Parallel Port: N/A

      Supported Chassis: Rack

      Pedestal Conversion: N/A

      Pedestal:  Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5275E/SC5275ENA, Intel® Entry Server Chassis SC5295DP/SC5295DPNA/SC5295BRP/SC5295BRPNA, Intel® Server Chassis SC5300

      Expansion Slots

      PCIExpress: 1 X PCI Express X 4

      PCIX: 1 X PCIX 133MHz; 2 X PCIX 100MHz

      PCI: 1 X PCI 32bit/33MHz 5V

      Adaptive: Yes

      System BIOS

      BIOS Type: 4MB Flash ROM with AMI* BIOS

      Multiboot BBS (BIOS Boot Specification)

      BIOS Features: Rolling BIOS, Stores two versions of the BIOS on the board. It is possible to fail over if one bios is corrupted

      SMBIOS: SMBIOS 2.3.1; Below 1MB in memory